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543 NW 77th Street
Boca Raton, FL 33487
United States
Digital Library Systems Group at Image Access

Since 1993, Image Access, Inc. has been a pioneer of superior digitization solutions that require minimal and even no training and outperform other products in quality, efficiency and value. Having developed its own OCR, barcode reading and image treatment algorithms, Image Access is capable of meeting virtually any and all specialized digitization needs, and as such, Image Access has worked with most of the country's elite academic institutions and learned immensely from their students, faculty and library staff.

The knowledge gained from early relationships with academic institutions propelled us to create the Digital Library Systems Group (DLSG) in 2003, an organization whose sole responsibility is the development of digitization products that allow academic and public libraries, museums and archives to leverage their existing print assets into the digital age for pennies on the dollar. DLSG combines Image Access’ superior book scanners with special software for each of the three digitization needs of libraries (self-serve, ILL and projects/preservation) to produce ideal systems that no other book scanner maker has. DLSG products continually meet and exceed thetechnology benchmarks set by College and University Libraries.

We’re proud to already be technology partners with a number of NELLCO member Law Libraries. We’re looking forward to future opportunities to add many other NELLCO members to our distinguished list of Academic Law Libraries.

KIC Systems

KIC is an indispensable study and research tool that enhances reports and papers with crystal clear color and black & white pictures, graphs, and excerpts from books, magazines and journals. In addition, as a UDSA compliant digitize-on-demand system conveniently located among the stacks, KIC can be used as an ad hoc digitization station by Preservation, Archive and Interlibrary Loan departments.

Beautiful Images - Fast & Easy

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In the early days of digital interlibrary loan and digital document delivery, available software was simple and image quality expectations of requestors were low. Times have changed. The demand for faster workflow and perfect, printer-ready images have made the current software environment complex, creating significant challenges in training new employees. BSCAN ILL simplifies existing processes and produces perfect, printer-ready images.
BSCAN ILL starts by eliminating the need to manually enter requestor information. BSCAN ILL automatically reads the information that is required by interlibrary loan document delivery software from scanned pull slips, not only saving time but also eliminating human error.

Powerful image treatment capabilities within the software automatically eliminate skew and remove unwanted fan and gutter. BSCAN ILL is compatible with practically all types of high production scanners. When used with planetary scanners and 11x17 inch or larger flatbed scanners, BSCAN ILL scans two pages at a time, automatically splits the pages and corrects for bookfold as well.
Finally, BSCAN ILL automatically sends requests through ILLiad/Odyssey, Ariel, RAPID, Clio, FTP or e-mail, and notifies ILLiad/Odyssey in each case, all without any need for further human intervention.

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OPUS WorkFlow

Opus software processes raw images directly from book scanners, flatbed scanners and digital camera systems. Opus groups images into objects as it captures them from the scanner or camera system, then manages those objects through a complete image treatment, metadata capture and archiving system, ensuring that all required processes are performed on each page of each object. It then archives the objects in non-proprietary formats of your choosing. Finally, Opus can output repeatedly to the Web, to CD, to viewing or presentation software, etc. Opus is also compatible with Open RAID digital archiving and migration management software.

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