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5111 Pegasus Court, Suite M
Frederick, MD 21704
Crowley Company
A World Leader in the Analog and Digital Imaging Industries

The Crowley Company is a unique blend of manufacturer, distributor and service bureau that has worked with libraries for nearly four decades. This dynamic combination allows Crowley to understand the complexities of archival preservation and digitization from every angle, providing a competitive and technological edge that cannot be found elsewhere.

Only The Crowley Company can offer a complete range of digital and analog solutions for imaging technology and film processing including:

  • Scanners and Software
  • Conversion Services
  • Microfilm and Supplies
  • Technical Support

Back Office and Patron Scanners

Specific to libraries, The Crowley Company provides a wide selection of award-winning back-office and patron (walk-up) scanners for bound, loose, large-format and microfilm materials. In addition to manufacturing Mekel, Crowley and Wicks and Wilson brand scanners, The Crowley Company is a North American distributor of the well-known Zeutschel overhead library scanners and copy systems.

Products include:

Imaging Services

Presented with the 2017 Modern Library Award’s "Service of the Year”, Crowley Imaging, Crowley’s service bureau division, serves libraries with historic collections by providing leading-edge digital and analog imaging capture and conversion services. These include:

  • Aperture Card Scanning – A through E
  • Archive Writing (film output from digital) to 16mm, 35mm and bi-tonal
  • Archival Preservation Microfilming
  • Bound-book Scanning – color, bi-tonal and grayscale
  • Data Field Indexing
  • Digital Document Imaging
  • Document and Image Reformatting
  • Large-format Scanning – newspapers, graphics, maps and charts
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Digitization
  • Microfilm Duplicating
  • Photographic Media Digitization – reflective photo prints and art, filmstrips, plates, slides, color and b&w negatives and color transparencies

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Crowley Company | 5111 Pegasus Court, Suite M Frederick, MD 21704 USA | 240x-215x-0224
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